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  • Speak at your conference,
  • Lead a training program for your staff, or
  • Provide individual or group coaching on thought leadership and effective communications.
  • Keynote Presentations By Pete Weissman

    “Become Unforgettable: A Speechwriter’s Secrets for Powerful Presentations”

    How did Winston Churchill and John Kennedy create iconic phrases that still resonate? They used powerful rhetorical techniques, and you can, too! Award-winning speechwriter Pete Weissman reveals how he helps CEOs and political leaders win over audiences.  In this interactive session, you will learn how to write crisp sound bites and how to frame your ideas like a thought leader. During live exercises, you will sharpen your own ideas, so they are remembered, repeated, reported and retweeted.

    “From the West Wing to the Boardroom: Communication Habits to Accelerate Your Career”

    Imagine spending a day with Fortune 100 CEOs, White House aides, and U.S. Senators.  That’s how Pete Weissman has spent his career as an executive speechwriter and strategist.  Pete’s learned how successful executives communicate.  Join Pete in the C-suite, and you’ll learn communication habits to accelerate your career.

    “The CEO as Thought Leader”

    Learn how a handful of executives use thought leadership to raise their visibility and respect, lead the conversation in their industry, and achieve their goals. We’ll explore the special challenges CEOs face when they communicate and the best practices to overcome those challenges. Learn the latest requirements for persuading stakeholders and motivating employees.

    “Speak Like a Thought Leader”

    How do some speakers rise above the crowd and become the “must have” experts?

    They frame and phrase their ideas to command attention, and you can too.

    • Learn how Thought Leaders frame and phrase their ideas to stand out.
    • Identify your unique point of view.
    • Learn the elements of a powerful MoonShot Vision.

    Come to this interactive session ready to stretch your thinking and sharpen your perspective.

    “Adventures in Speechwriting”

    Pete Weissman has worked inside the White House and United States Senate and for some of the world’s top companies.

    Now the speechwriter and communications strategist takes you behind the scenes, offering practical, insider tips.

    You will gain:

    • A first-hand look at the fast-paced, high-stakes world of professional speechwriting
    • Strategies and tactics for creating successful speeches
    • Key questions to ask — and mistakes to avoid — to captivate any audience
  • Workshops

    We offer these workshops as in-house training programs for companies and organizations.

    Speechwriters’ University: Does your company have many executives who are called on to speak? Do the communicators who support them know the best practices so they can write better remarks in less time and with less frustration? Our Speechwriter’s University program is tailored to the skills and needs of your company’s communicators. It becomes the in-house curriculum with templates, toolkits and ongoing support to elevate your company’s effectiveness in the spotlight.

    Best Practices in Leadership CommunicationsLearn and use the 7 best practices used by executives at world-class companies to give their communications maximum impact.  Look behind the scenes as how leading CEOs and their communications teams make their messages reach further and drive business objectives.

    We also offer half day and full day programs on:

    • Thought Leadership
    • Persuasive Communications
    • How to Write Sound Bites that Are Remembered, Repeated, Reported and Re-Tweeted
    • The Four Steps to Creating a Homerun Presentation
  • Mastery Groups

    Thought Leaders Launchpad Weekend: This intense, hands-on weekend program will prepare you to become a leading voice in your field.  We begin with the fundamentals of thought leadership and then apply them to your specific expertise, perspective and market.  We will develop your MoonShot Vision, create the framework for your stump speech, craft memorable sound bites, and identify key publications and venues to target.

  • One-on-One

    Are you ready to reach the next level as a leader and communicator?

    Do you want to:

    • be a thought leader,
    • articulate an inspiring vision for your organization,
    • improve your confidence and effectiveness at the podium,
    • or bring fresh ideas to your biggest challenges?

    We will design a one-on-one coaching program to meet your goals.

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