• Attendees at my pre-conference session on thought leadership at the CEO Communications Summit, Concordia University, Montreal

  • In Montreal, I also moderated a panel with Google’s Matt Teper and Douglass Hatcher of communicate4impact.com.

  • I was honored to spend a day with these gifted rabbis as part of a fellowship in New York.

  • Thrilled to join the Bus Tour for Culture of Good, founded by two leaders who are changing business for the better. More info: CultureOfGood.com

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Pete’s New Master Class

Turn Your Executive into a Thought Leader and Your Organization into a Trailblazer

It’s hard for any executive to stand out and be heard. Short attention spans, endless Twitter feeds and historically low trust levels challenge the best communications plans.

But being heard—and heeded—is never a problem for thought leaders. Their words carry more weight, their ideas have more impact, and their visions shape the future.

Come learn what thought-leading executives in corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and universities—and their communication teams—do differently at this intensive one-day workshop.

Thought leadership expert Pete Weissman will teach you the mindset, skillset and toolset to help your leader and organization speak up, stand out and set the agenda. Pete has analyzed thought leaders from business, politics, non-profits and academia. He discovered they all share a common playbook. It’s the playbook he uses with his Fortune 500 clients, and he’ll teach it to you.

Once you see the strategy behind the stagecraft, you’ll never think of communications the same way again.