All of our corporate clients already have PR agencies, marketing firms and speechwriters. They engage us because they need expert help to solve specific challenges. This chart explains our capabilities.

CapabilitiesPR AgencyMarketing / Advertising FirmSpeech Writer Thought Leader Communications
All-purpose public relations
(story pitching & placement, press releases, media monitoring, planning, etc)
Remaining top-of-mind
Advise on policy and communications;
strengthen relationships with stakeholders
Product marketing and promotion;
image making
Speechwriting✔ All-purpose speeches

✔ Focuses on an individual event

✔ We specialize in high stakes, high profile presentations (shareowner meetings, industry conference keynotes, TED talks)

✔ We create a strategy and messages to be used across multiple events to reach your objectives.

Developing an executive’s unique vision and point of view✔ We help you articulate a trend-based vision that will engage and inspire. It will deliver on our four standards for a moonshot vision: futuristic, newsworthy, authentic, and embracable.
Speakers’ Bureau✔ Our system will activate your employees to become ambassadors for your organization with a consistent, compelling message.
Podium placement✔ Securing key speaking roles at the most strategic and influential podiums and conferences.
Raising a leader/organization’s stature before critical audiences